management  marketing  design  finalization
lead com. designer / project manager
[since 2001]
internet & global communication projects
Bold International / NOS
IT consultant / UI - UX designer
consultancy agency / telecommunications
Blue Marlin UK
com. and BI consultant for Portugal
[2015 - 2016]
brand design consultancy agency
Lusófona University
assistant professor (specialist)
private higher education
EUnet / KPNQwest
communication / web designer
global service provider (Internet)
Independent professional / freelancer
communication designer and illustrator
several organizations and publications
Siii Multimédia
jr. communication designer
software, multimedia and web solutions
   Pedro Paiva Cravo
university degree courses: in charge of teaching project practical subjects (Communication and Graphic Design - core of second and third years; Multimedia and Interactive Computation; Multimedia Products Design; Multimedia Design Atelier); individuals and teams management; market identical projects aiming real and adequate solutions
projects and team management; briefing, monitoring and presentation meetings with clients; design's Project Methodology with Scrum / Agile adaptation; BTL and social media campaigns' coordination; digital + analogical media integration
marketing studies and definitions; evaluation and characterization of targets; UX  definition, feedback and efficiency assessment; communication strategy; media strategic planning and parameterization; clients' relations management
conceptual and graphic definitions, UI architecture; web and mobile development; Adobe CS/CC design tools; usability testing; solutions for brands, corporate identities and campaigns; several media integration cross browser compatibility, responsive design; base programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript); web app's development; Adobe CS/CC web tools; migration, profile and content management tools; digital and offset pre-print communication designer
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